Private Universities in Latin America

Private Universities in Latin America: Research and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy
Edited By Gustavo Gregorutti and Jorge Enrique Delgado

Private Universities in Latin America discusses how private universities have become and can be more proactive in supporting research, and the implications of this for future institutional and national development. After providing a historical overview of how Latin American private universities have evolved to become successful research producers, Gregorutti and Delgado analyze specific institutional reforms carried out to overcome cultural resistance to change and implementation of policies related to teaching load, productivity requirements, patent generation, technology transfer, and funding mechanisms that support and stimulate faculty research activities.

Education and Global Cultural Dialogue

Education and Global Cultural Dialogue
Edited By Karen Mundy and Qiang Zha

This volume is a tribute to Ruth Hayhoe. As a figure of outstanding influence in the field of comparative education, Ruth Hayhoe has nurtured a unique scholarship (more…)

University Governance and Reform

Education and Global Cultural Dialogue
Edited By Hans G. Schuetze, William Bruneau and Garnet Grosjean

When times are tough and student demand is going through the roof, government and private providers seem to agree: this is the moment for increased accountability, “new public management,” more commercially viable (more…)