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Jürgen Schriewer has been Professor and Head of the Comparative Education Centre at Humboldt University, Berlin, since 1991, perhaps the pre-eminent centre for comparative educational research in continental Europe. Once a student of Romance and German Philology, Philosophy and Education at the Universities of Bonn (Germany), Lille (France), and Würzburg (Germany), Schriewer earned his doctoral degree, in 1972, with a thesis on twentieth-century university reforms in France. He was appointed Professor of Comparative Education at the University of Frankfurt, in 1975, where he would stay until 1991, when, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was invited to help reconstruct Humboldt University, traditionally one of the foremost centres of learning in the Western world and a model of the modern research university.

Throughout his career, he has held a number of key positions in the field of comparative education globally, including the Presidency of the Comparative Education Society in Europe (1992-1996), the Chair of the Standing Research Committee of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (1996-2002), and membership in the Editorial Board of Comparative Education. He has continuously served as an expert to Advisory Boards and Research Foundations, both in Germany and internationally, and continues to serve as an Advisory Editor of major European, US, and Latin American journals specializing in comparative education and educational research more generally. These multiple affiliations reflect both his academic fluency in French, English, and Spanish (in addition to native German), as well as a long career of visiting positions at distinguished universities worldwide such as Université de Paris V-René Descartes, Stockholm University, Waseda University (Tokyo), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, and Universidad de San Andrés (Buenos Aires) among others.

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